Scientific Visualization at Mines

Software access guides for our HPC Platforms

Connect to a running Ansys Fluent solver using Ansys Fluent Remote Visualization Client

Use parallel computing to visualize your data by connecting ParaView

Create a workflow in Python in a Jupyter Notebook

Road Map

  1. Develop software packages on HPC platforms for visualization: Test and create tutorials for user access
    1. Blender HPC rendering (In Progress)
    2. Jupyter notebook workflow with Paraview
    3. Simply access and job submission through using Open On Demand: for Wendian access go to and for Mio access go to
  2. Apply for cyberinfrastructure grant for new equipment for campus support of visualization needs:
    Seeking assistants with NSF CC* grant Science Drivers from current and potential campus users
  3. Build user community and knowledge base at Mines: Connect researchers to talent and equipment across Mines campus


  • Work flow management: Simulation to Visualization. The pathway to drawing insight from your data
  • Rendering: Video, GIF, and images: Paraview to Blender scene creation with lighting and camera animation
  • Colormaps: How to select the focus of your data? and Black and White publishing challenges

Visit the Mines Help Center, Research/HPC services to submit a consultation ticket with our Scientific Visualization Engineer.